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The Edison School Site Council is an elected body of staff and parents who represent the stakeholders of the Edison Language Academy.   The goals and objectives of the School Site Council are to:

  • Gather input from all stakeholders using an annual family survey, town hall meetings, receiving reports from parent advisory groups and faculty, reviewing district goals and priorities, and studying student achievement data.
  • Develop the annual Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA);
  • Make decisions about how to use discretionary funds to support SPSA goals;
  • Monitor implementation of the SPSA, review achievement results, and adjust goals and strategies as needed to further the overall progress of the school.
  • Review and approve the Comprehensive School Safety Plan;
  • Ensure that the school engages in ongoing long-range planning, using a shared decision making process; and
  • Carry out all the duties and responsibilities assigned to School Site Councils through the Education Code of the State of California.

The Council meets monthly while school is in session from 4:00-6:00 p.m in the Edison Community Room.  Elections are held in November of each year, and members take office in January of the following year.  Any parent or staff member is welcome to attend as an observer or to address the Council during public comment time.  Agendas and minutes are available in the school office and on the school website.  For more information contact Principal Lori Orum.

2018-19 Site Council Members are

2018 Council:   Parent Members:  Betty Baboujon (Secretary), Gina Engler, Daniela Morato, Carolina Vila (Chairperson), and John Zimmerman. Staff Members:  Rocio Naranjo (Vice Chair), Maggie Meade, Elizabeth Ipiña, Santiago Martinez, Lori Orum.   Maggie Meade retired June 2018, and was replaced by Aida Díaz-Roquette.

2019 Council:  Parent Members:  José Cárdenas, Gina Engler, Liz Kok, Daniela Morato, and John Zimmerman.  Staff Members:  Aida Díaz Roquette, Geralyn Goodman, Elizabeth Ipiña, Constanza Murcia, Lori Orum

Meeting Dates, Agendas, Minutes, 2018-2019 School Year:

Meeting Date



September 12, 2018

October 24, 2018

November 14, 2018

December 19, 2018


January 16, 2019

February 20, 2019

March 20, 2019

April 24, 2019

May 15, 2019

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