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Why We Do It!

Students who complete immersion programs can be expected to perform as well or better than non-immersion students in traditional programs on academic tests in both languages.

Students gain more mental flexibility, bettter vocabularies, and have a greater capacity for abstract thought as noted in studies done at Harvard, UCLA, and in Canada.

Students learn to appreciate other cultures and to view differerences in language and customs as a positive learning experience.

Most immersion students reach higher levels of second-language proficiency than students in other types of school language programs.

Language minority students receive that opportunity to develop a high level of proficiency in their home language as well as English.

How We Do It!

Kindergarten and first-grade students are taught primarily in Spanish by a credentialed teacher fluent in both Spanish and English. The teachers will listen and respond to children speaking in either language but will only speak Spanish in the classroom during Spanish time.

Starting in kindergarten the students receive a daily average of 20-30 minutes of oral instruction in English at a designated time. Every year more English is added to the program. By the fourth grade instruction is evenly divided between the two languages.

Children at Edison learn the same curriculum and are held to the same high standards as in all Santa Monica schools. At Edison, however, children learn in both languages.

Grade Level % of Day in Spanish Instructional Minutes in Spanish % of Day in English Instructional Minutes in English
Kindergarten 90 198 10 22
First 90 241 10 27
Second 80 214 20 54
Third 70 188 30 80
Fourth 50 165 50 110
Fifth 50 138 50 138

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