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Academic achievement at Edison is measured in many ways - authentic assessments in classrooms, district assessments, and the same standards-based assessments taken by all children in California public schools - the CST and CAT-6 tests. Because of our unique dual immersion curriculum, some of the assessments are in Spanish and some in English.  

Edison students learn to read first in Spanish and study math in Spanish at all grade levels. However, state testing is in English and begins in 2nd grade. At that point, our students are just beginning to read in English. It is useful to understand our state scores in this context. While Edison scores begin low in second grade, they climb steadily with each year. By 5th grade, scores approximate those for 5th graders in the district overall - and exceed district averages for some groups.

Here at Edison we try to get beyond the numbers. Our goal is that by the time our students graduate Edison they will be:
  • Effective bilingual and bi-literate thinkers
  • Critical thinkers
  • Responsible global citizens

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